Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack featuring 5 Colorful Rings

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  • Fisher-price rock-a-stack comes with 5 rings, each with a different color that grasps the kids’ attention and encourages them to go creative!
  • All rings being of various sizes can be stacked in a particular way building a colorful pyramid that looks fascinating and makes the kids proud upon the final result
  • Fisher-price rock-a-stack includes a bar at the bottom surface to hold the rings in place, and the top ring comprises the rattle beads enclosed in a shiny transparent surface.
  • In the process of stacking the rings, Fisher-price rock-a-stack helps kids strengthen their fine motor skills and the gross motor skills
  • All the babies (6 months and up) can get the best out of Fisher-price rock-a-stack while being thoughtful; hence, it makes the perfect toy for the little ones!